Guru camp is located in the beautiful area Bumbat /Terelj National Park/, 50 km from UB, surrounded by mountains, uniquely formed granite rocks and wide open valley. The camp location gives easy accessibility to the Gunj Temple, Turtle rock, Aryabala Meditation Temple and nomadic herdsmen. With purpose of supporting the livelihood of local Mongolian community, we run our business in completely eco friendly manner.

By partnering with local herdsmen, Guru Eco Complex serves our clients with natural organic food. The various rituals of Mongolian ethnic groups can be displayed for your entertainment such as Mongol kazakh and Buriad ethnic groups. We believe that by displaying the cultures of various ethics group’s rituals and customs is the best of way to preserve and promoting Mongolian traditional culture our customers.

Room 304, Peace Avenue 18A-1, 13381 Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia

Tel: 99096714